About Us

Keveno Electronics Inc., being a company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing HVAC/R products, has become one of the most important professional hi-tech enterprises, which can supply its products to light industrial, commercial and residential sectors for the purpose of improving their working or living environment from better to best! So far, the products manufactured by Keveno have been used around the world including Europe, Asia,Africa,and Pacific areas; besides, we also develop distributors in those regions for better services there and the surrounding places. Thanks to the systematic management run by Keveno staffs that have team-spirit among themselves, Keveno has been creating quality products and also established good relationships with its customers around the world. Because of the built-in high technique, and also the high quality and high efficiency of our products, Keveno products have successfully gained great popularity not only by its products, but also by its services. “Oriental Origination, Global Services”, Keveno has been endeavoring to serve its customers with best ideas and best products for the purpose of strategically realizing its domestic and international targets!