I/O Modules

After continuous improvement and iteration, the XIO intelligent IO module has been upgraded and developed into the fourth generation product, which is divided into three series: S, E, and M. The entire system is based on industrial-grade fully isolated design, adopts an open system architecture, and has multi-protocol Communication management capabilities support ISO standard BACnetIP, ModbusTCP, BACnet MS/TP, Siemens FLN bus P1, Modbus RTU and other protocols, fully meeting the stringent requirements for product stability and real-time performance of intelligent building control systems and industrial automation control systems. , easily achieve a more flexible and faster system network architecture, and incorporate a more user-friendly system configuration method, making system construction and debugging more efficient.
Technical Specification
The XIO series strives to be compact in mold design to save installation space in the control cabinet. The physical dimensions are 105x130x65mm, small size and extremely flexible during installation.

Network Architecture
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