T8200 Series Fixed Gas Detectors for Carbon Monoxide (CO)

The Keveno T8000 series gas transmitters are highly reliable and cost effective basic 4-20mA
transmitters for the detection of common gas hazards. The T8000 series transmitters are available for LEL (catalytic), CO, or NO2. The electronics is installed inside explosion-proof aluminum housing for protecting it from being damaged by mechanical abuse or corrosion.
For certain models, they can be connected into a BUS line for network applications. Our GasVisual Controller is a central controller that can monitor 254 transmitters simultaneously.
The tool that used for the series is a remote calibrator, our TRC101 Calibrator. It’s easily to plug the calibrator into the transmitter’s COM socket interface and then select the corresponding gases to perform Zero and span calibration. The live value of the transmitter can be viewed in our TRC101 Calibrator, and when the gas type is selected, just press the UP or Down button to adjust the value to the desired one. For field calibration, one person is enough to perform the work easily and quickly.
T8000 series transmitters, because of its high and reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance, can meet the multiple demands in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.
The transmitter operates from DC24V or AC24V, and provides a 4-20mA signal which can be connected to a wide variety of controllers. Our CAG4 controller can control up to 4 transmitters and can help you with your environmental protection.
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